Ada company saving money with compressed natural gas

Thu, Aug 8th, 2013

Family-owned Ada Coca Cola has slashed its fuel bill in half by switching a large part of its fleet to compressed natural gas rather than gasoline or diesel.

ADA - Tom Crabtree's family has been peddling the same product since about the time Oklahoma became a state, but that doesn't mean he isn't willing to try something different to keep the family business going.

Ada Coca-Cola started experimenting with alternative fuels about 20 years ago, said Crabtree, the company's president. He is the grandson of founders T.B. and Agnes Blake, who bought the company in 1908.

Crabtree said the company tried propane, a fuel the family was familiar with from its ranch business, but natural gas is the alternative that intrigued him most.

"I knew that was the next step, but there wasn't any way to fuel the trucks," he said.


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Source: The Oklahoman

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