Florida School District Saving 40 Percent on Fuel One Year After Opening New CNG Station (w/ ANGI Equipment)

Tue, Aug 27th, 2013

Leon County Schools is entering phase three of its implementation of CNG after completing a new bus maintenance facility over the summer. More than a quarter of the fleet now operates on the alternative fuel.

Purchasing Director Manny Joanos said the district expects a 15-year life cycle, which will maintain a total fleet size of 225 school buses. The district currently operates 160 routes daily for 6,500 riders, or more than 19 percent of the total student enrollment. About 2,000 students currently ride on CNG buses.

"By 2019, we feel very sure that all daily routes will have a CNG bus," he told STN. "We anticipate for out of town field trips we may need to keep a few diesels."


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 Source: School Transportation News

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