New Type of Gas offered at local pump ( w/ ANGI Equipment)

Thu, Sep 5th, 2013

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP - There now is a much cheaper fuel option for drivers, but not everyone will be able to take advantage of the savings.

That's because two new gas pumps that opened Thursday at the GetGo station in Cranberry Crossings on Route 228 are for compressed natural gas (CNG), a fossil fuel substitute that is cheaper and cleaner than gasoline but used only in cars equipped for it.

The new pumps represent only a small portion of the fuel that's available at the store, given that there are 16 other pumps that dispense gasoline.

But that doesn't mean the opening is insignificant, Quite the opposite for people like Robert DeLucia, the man who owns the Star Transportation Group that operates both the Cranberry Taxi and Veterans Taxi service in the area.

DeLucia, who made one of his vehicles available Thursday for a demonstration, said he has more than 25 vehicles in his fleet that run solely on CNG. Before Thursday, we was forced to send vehicles to Pittsburgh to fill up every time the need arose.


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Source: The Cranberry Eagle


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