Questar Fueling opensTopeka CNG station using ANGI equipment

Thu, Apr 17th, 2014

Questar Fueling built a compressed natural gas fueling station at 5625 S.W. Wenger St., across from Target's distribution center. The station has been open since October, but Thursday was its debut to most of the public, said Judd Cook, director of business development for Questar.

A narrow strip at the edge of the Central Crossing Commerce Park didn't seem like it was good for much, Go Topeka officials said, but Thursday morning Topeka officials gathered to celebrate a business that saw an opportunity there.

Frito-Lay is main customer.

Cook said Questar, which is based in Salt Lake City, won a contract to build and run a station that would serve Frito-Lay's natural gas-powered truck fleet. Some haulers that work with Target also fuel up there, he said, and they also can serve other companies and the general public.

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Source:  The Topeka Capital Journal

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