NoPetro to deliver turnkey CNG station in Florida (w/ANGI equipment)

Sat, Jun 7th, 2014

NoPetro, a Florida based compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling infrastructure provider, has been  issued a "Notice of Intent to Award" contract by St. Johns County for the provision of CNG infrastructure and related services. Once approved by the County Commission, the agreement will lead to the construction of a turn-key CNG fueling station, along with the conversion of select vehicles from the county's fleet, and royalties from marketing to third party customers.

NoPetro would deliver the turn-key CNG solution, inclusive of absorbing all costs related to construction of the facility. NoPetro's model in St. Johns County would mimic the successful implementation of a similar agreement with Leon County. In addition to fueling select elements of St. Johns' vehicles, NoPetro's station would also be available to serve private commercial fleets and the public at-large. In Leon County, NoPetro's facility has far-exceeded expectations with usage 300 percent greater than initial projections.

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