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The City of Janesville Biogas-to-CNG Vehicle Fuel Project Complete

Wed, May 23rd, 2012

Deputy Secretary of Administration, Chris Schoenherr, Announces Completion of the City of Janesville Biogas-to-Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel Project

Janesville, WI- Today, Deputy Secretary for the Wisconsin Department of Administration, Chris Schoenherr, announced the completion of an innovative project in the City of Janesville that converts biogas from the City's wastewater treatment plant into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for use in City vehicles.  The gas will be used to fuel City vehicles at a cost of less than $1 per gallon, saving the City tens of thousands of dollars in fuel costs annually.  This project is supported by a $125,00 grant from the State of Wisconsin, and is a component of a comprehensive $32 million upgrade and expansion of the City's wastewater treatment plant.  The project also supports Wisconsin's manufacturing supply chain, sourcing many of its components from ANGI Energy Systems of Milton, WI.

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