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Katrina Bell, Marketing Coordinator (kbell@angienergy.com)

ANGI Receives Order From NG Advantage

Fri, Jul 27th, 2012

NG Advantage Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 2

July 26, 2012

Compressors & Trailers Ordered

We recently placed two significant equipment orders integral to beginning operations in early 2013. Both natural gas compressors and the specialized trailers are needed to serve customers from our Milton, VT facility.

For our natural gas compressor units, we selected ANGI Energy Systems of Milton, WI (our sister city in Wisconsin!). ANGI has 40 years of experience with crafting natural gas compression solutions for its customers.Our two 250HP electric compressors are capable of providing more than ample compression for initial service and still give us "n+1" redundancy in case of downtime for one of the compressors.

We're also pleased to announce our first order of composite trailers. Lincoln Composites' TITAN™ gas transportation modules are the largest type 4 cylinders available, with each unit designed for 8,998-gallon water capacity and 3,600 pounds per square inch (psi) service pressure. Like our compressors, the TITAN modules are made in the USA. The modular design approach allows movement of up to 355,000 standard cubic feet of natural gas on a 40 ft. trailer with a gross vehicle weight (tractor and trailer) of approximately 80,000 lbs.

NG Advantage is the first company in the United States to announce a trucked natural gas service directly to customer facilities. Such services are common in Asia and South America and the same equipment we use has long been employed to truck natural gas from shut-in wells to pipelines.

NG Advantage's initial facility in Milton, VT is on the Vermont Gas Systems pipeline. We will load the TITAN trailers with CNG for delivery to factories, food processors, four-season resorts, asphalt plants, and other large fuel users throughout Vermont and adjacent New York, New Hampshire, and Southern Maine.

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