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Ultimate Launches CNG 'FuelMule' (ANGI equipment)

Tue, Aug 28th, 2012

And makes a splash with ANGA with buses for the conventions.

Virginia-based Ultimate CNG is promoting a new mobile fueler as a way to wear down the market barriers for natural gas vehicles in the U.S. - and is making a name for itself by partnering with America's Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) to provide CNG buses for this week's Republican and early September's Democratic National Conventions.

Ultimate's FuelMule - built on a dedicated-CNG Freightliner chassis - features an ANGI compressor and enough Type III Dynetek cylinders (in Agility Fuel Systems Package) to hold 700 diesel gallon equivalents of compressed natural gas.  It has two dispensers that can furnish four DGEs per minute simultaneously with separate electronic metering.

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