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CNG's Market Barriers Weakened by 'FuelMule' Deployment

Mon, Aug 27th, 2012

When Ultimate CNG Cheif Operating Officer Brian Fimian drove his one-of-a-kind mule 1,372 miles from Monroe, WI, to Tampa, FL, without refueling, he raised quite a few eyebrows.

He had fed his mule a belly full of clean natural gas before the trip, and didn't stop once to replenish the fuel stores on his way to the site of this week's GOP National Convention. Once here, COO Fimian met up with Ultimate CNG CEO Dennis Pick, and they prepared to show this special mule - the FuelMule - to the world.

Ultimate CNG took the one-of-a-kind concept to ANGI Energy Systems of Wisconsin, and with engineering support from the Gas Technology Institute in Chicago, they developed the FuelMule.

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Story by Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition

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