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Jim Leute, Janesville Gazette

Exports on track to break records

Sat, Dec 1st, 2012

Rock County companies are contributing to what could shape up as a record year for exports from Wisconsin businesses.

Greener Grass?

ANGI Energy Systems, which moved from Milton to Janesville earlier this year, is in a different situation.

In typical years, the manufacturer of natural gas compression equipment might export 50 percent of its production, said John Grimmer, cheif executive officer of the company that now employs 160 people in the former ThyssenKrupp/Gilman facility on Delavan Drive.

"Our exports are down in total but only because our domestic business is up so significantly," Grimmer said. "It's much easier to do business here than some of the places we have around the world."

Depending on future markets that could change.

"If the industry stays strong in North America, we won't have to look as widely for work," he said. "If we have to increase exports, we will because we know how to do it, and we do it pretty well."

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