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Katrina Bell, Marketing Coordinator (kbell@angienergy.com)

Smith Dairy Delivers Clean, Green and Ice Cream (with ANGI equipment)

Wed, Dec 12th, 2012

Since 1909, Smith Dairy has been delivering milk, ice cream, and other dairy products from Orrville, Ohio, a town of about 8,500 people in northeast Ohio.  The company has a well-deserved reputation for being environmentally friendly, and its owners genuinely care what their customers think.

Smith Dairy fleet manager Chuck Diehl sums it up like this.  "In this day and age, our customers are interested in the environment and they want us to be as committed as they are."  With that in mind, in 2010, faced with rising fuel costs and an increasing environmental awareness on the part of its customers, Smith launced a three-part, multi-year plan to make the company even greener.

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