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Katrina Bell, Marketing Coordinator (kbell@angienergy.com)

First CNG containers arrive in Vermont

Tue, Jan 15th, 2013

NG Advantage recieves the first of their CNG trailers in Milton, VT the second week of January. These TITAN modules are manufactured by Lincoln Composites of Lincoln, NE. The TITAN units are state-of-the-art: each unit has four high-capacity, high-strength, lightweight, all-composite cylinders mounted in an ISO 1496 certified shipping container. The fully fit-up container is attached to a trailer chassis for over-the-road transportation. They don't detach the TITAN module from the chassis at a customer site: the whole unit - module and chassis - remains in place and serves as the CNG fuel tank for the customer. When a TITAN is running low, another is dispatched from the compressor station to replace it.

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Source:  NGAdvantage.com

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